Compas Chair

Designed by Patrick Norguet

The chair design is based on the idea of a compass. The theme achieves a beautifully clean and balanced effect by designing the legs as one inverted V.

When viewed from the side we can appreciate the balanced effect achieved by a compass. The seat itself is then sitting across these legs, which again, from the side, achieves the effect of a well-balanced and attractive design which is practical and pleasing to the eye. The back of the chair slopes gracefully upwards, which when viewed from the side gives the impression of an elegant flick, curving away from the crisp lines of the leg V.

When looked at from the front, back or above we see a finely balanced seat the symmetry being clean and pleasing to the eye.

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Lead time 16 - 20 weeks



Stackable, frame in aluminium in polished or black nickel polished or lacquered in matching seat colour, polypropylene seat and back in white, black, beige or water grey, optional seat cover in fabric


W570 x D560 x H780 mm