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Wendelbo Define Sofa

Wendelbo Define Sofa

This design feature creates a totally rectangular and flat module, with a crevice along the edge, which enables you to connect back elements and cushions to the sofa. The system gives Define countless number of uses, while at the same time appearing easy on the eye.

The sofa’s triangular back elements are fitted with steel rods underneath to fit into the crevice. The mobile back elements can be supplemented with loose cushions – both to optimize comfort and allow you to adjust the seat depth. At the same time, the mobility of the back elements means that they can be placed diagonally, across or in parallel on the sofa.

Designed by Wendelbo
Materials: Feet in steel lacquered black, fixed upholstery in a selection of fabrics or leather
Module with 2 Backrest:
W2020 x D1210 x H800 mm SH400 mm

Module with 3 Backrest:
W2340 x D1210 x H800 mm

Module with 4 Backrest:
W2800 x D1210 x H800 mm

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