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& Tradition JH5 Formakami Suspension Lamp

& Tradition JH5 Formakami Suspension Lamp

Dating back centuries, paper lanterns have featured in Asia amongst the privileged and the poor, where different colours, shapes and sizes connote different meanings. Here Hayon has dispensed with cultural formalities to create a series of lanterns all in white. Hand crafted with rice paper merging various sizes and shapes together.

“Lamps play such an important role in people’s lives,” explains Hayon. “For some cultures, they chase away the darkness by bringing hope. I’ve tried to keep this emotional angle about light – in a lamp that also appears light. By making the bottom part of the lamp open, the idea is to bring even more illumination to people everywhere in the world.”

Designed by Jaime Hayon
Materials: Structure in metal in black, oak veneer ring in black, diffusor in ivory rice paper
Max (W): 2 x 60W, E27
Dimensions: DIA700 x H680 mm

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