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Polar Perch Sofa

Tacchini Polar Perch Sofa

A keen observation of nature and the study of contemporary environments has inspired the London studio Pearson Lloyd in creating a highly original and timeless item, capable of bringing a fresh, new perspective in fulfilling everyday needs: helping us to live better, but also to look beyond the mere objects themselves and the clichés attached to them. The Polar project kicked off in 2006 with the creation of a multi-functional item, freely usable as a chair or table, and since then has evolved into a complete collection of furniture pieces marked by fl uid and organic forms. Today this “work in progress” takes on new opportunities with Polar Perch: a pair of curved elements ofuneven height, that can be placed alongside on another to create multiple compositions, thanks to their complementary shape. The lower element becomes a relaxing sofa, while the higher element can be used as a seating support, ideal for the more dynamic situations. An innovative furnishing concept that allows you to create multiple solutions in widely diverse communal areas: be it a waiting room, a hotel lobby, or a public establishment.

Designed by Person Lloyd
Material: Cofigurable high and low element, polished aluminium feet, cold polyurethane foam with plyowood and metal structure, upholstery in fabric or leather
Low Element:
2070 x 845 x ht. 460 mm
High Element:
2200 x 790 x ht. 700 mm

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